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Monday, September 22, 2014

[Upcoming] MF GRIMM & DRASAR MONUMENTAL - "Good Morning Vietnam Pt. 3"

This little piece of news right here just made my day! Readers of The Lost Tapes know the extremely high regard I hold MF Grimm' and Drasar Monumental's collaborations which so far has resulted in "Good Morning Vietnam Pt. 1" and, "Good Morning Vietnam II: The Golden Triangle". The latter was voted by me as the greatest album of 2013 and is still to this day going warm on the turntable; but then again so is the first one as well as I tend to look upon them both as one cohessive unit. If you read my interview with these two hip-hop giants you're aware that the plan always was to release three installments in the GMV saga befrore heading off to other projects. It seems that day is rapidly becoming a reality as that third volume is completed, even down to the sequencing and arwork.

"Good Morning Vietnam III: The Phoenix Program" is a vinyl release that packs even more music than the previous installments with its 15 tracks. Listening to the attached six minutes sampler which you'll find below fans will definitely recognize many of the musical and lyrical themes from the previous volumes but it's also clear that it's not a question of repeating what has already been done. However, Drasar's hectic sample collages and violent beats still compliments Grimm's unmistakable voice, clever metaphors, life lessons and unapolegetic politicial and social criticque with a chemistry like they grew up together, Featuring no less than fifteen songs and the aforementioned sampler points towards this having a good cchance to find itself near the top of this years countdown as well. The vinyl is limited to 500 copies, starts shipping on November 25 and in usual order can be purchased from Vendetta Vinyl Vietnam. Hurry up and buy, and check out my interview with Grimm and Drasar in the right corner of this blog.  Stay tuned for more news, music and whatever info might come along.

A1. "Birth Of Violence"
A2. "Rhymes Against Humanity"
A3. "Song Of the Winder Soldier"
04. "Economics"
05. "One Bullet Awa, Two Step Fom Beind"
06. "Apocalypse Now"
07. "Dust to Dust"
08 "Moral Compass (Fist Of The Northstar)"
09. "A Gentleman Never Kissinger & Tell"
10. "Glaciers Of Icex"
11. "Family Jewels"
12. "Patsy" (Best Of The Worst , Worst to the Last)
13. "For Those That Want to Label Us"
14. "Hands Up to Heven, Feet Firm in Hell"
15. "Harmonics"
16. "Chain Letter"

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