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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[Stream] DIAMOND D - "The Diam Piece"

I've been holding on to this piece for a lil' while which has enabled me to give it several thorough listens, and while the verdict has been somewhat divided between some of my people, I personally think "The Diam Piece" is a really strong project, without a question Diamond's best since '97's "Hatred, Passions & Infidelity". While this is Diamond's first production compilation/album which he stated he wouldn't be rhyming much on there is suprisingly much verses from the D.I.T.C. legend, including a couple of solo tracks. While I don't have to go into much detail on my thoughts on the album at the moment, I urge you to check it out for yourself as it is now available to stream in full via Spotify. Of course you should also support the LP if you're feeling it, which you can do by ordering the CD or 2xLP from UGHH or HHV.

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