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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

[Album] VINCE STAPLES - "Summertime '06"

 Oh hell yeah, here's a banging album that I've been waiting to turn up LOUD for quite some time. Vince Staples the young, 21 years old, super talented emcee from Long Beach that not too long ago was discovered by No I.D. and signed under his ATRium/Def Jam imprint. He has released a couple of mixtapes but what really turned me on to his music was when my big homie Linkan introduced me to his 2014 tape "Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2", produced by No I.D., Dilated Peoples and Scoop DeVille. Now in 2015 he finally drops his true debut album, and once again No I.D. is a major player in the albums production a long with DJ Dahi, Brian Kidd and Clams Casino. This might not be every Lost Tapes players type of shit but this is ill party music right here and Staples can definitely flow. Stream the album for free via NPR below; strangely enough it's a double album but together it clocks in at just under an hour. After the first listen, I can't say I'm too hyped but it's pretty decent. Check it out for yourself.

Disc 1
01. "Ramona Park Legend Pt. 1" [prod. by No I.D.]
02. "Lift Me Up" [prod. by No I.D. & DJ Dahi]
03. "Norf Norf" [prod. by Clams Casino]
04. "Birds & Bees" [prod. by DJ Dahi]
05. "Loca" [prod. by No I.D.]
06. "Lemme Know" (Ft. Jhené Aniko & DJ Dahi) [prod. by No I.D., DJ Dahi & Brian Kidd]
07. "Dopeman" (Ft. Joey Fatts) [prod. by No I.D.]
08. "Jump Off The Roof" (Ft. Snoh Alegrah) [prod. by No I.D.]
09. "Senioritá" [prod. by Christian Rich]
10. "Summertime" [prod. by Clams Casino]

Disc 2
01. "Ramona Park Legend Pt. 2" [prod. by No I.D.]
02. "3230" [prod. by No I.D.]
03. "Surf" (Ft. Kilo Kish) [prod. by Clams Casino]
04. "Might Be Wrong" [prod. by No I.D.]
05. "Get Paid" (Ft. Desi Monti) [prod. by No I.D.]
06. "Street Punks" [prod. by No I.D.]
07. "Hang N Bang" [prod. by No I.D.]
08. "C.H.B." [prod. by No I.D., DJ Dahi & Brian Kidd]
09. "Like It Is" [prod. by No I.D., DJ Dahi & Brian Kidd]
10. "'06" [prod. by No I.D.]

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