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Monday, June 15, 2015

[Video] KILLAH PRIEST - "Citrin"

Killah Priest's "Psychic World of Walter Reed" might very well have been the best album of 2013, and a 41 track double album with very few guest cameos at that - that's a major statement, but Priest is just in a league of his own. I unfortunately forgot all about the album when I did the countdown of the years best record but after some time has passed, etc, I can honestly say that this is one of the best albums of the decade so far. A lot of the album, as well as the excellent "The Offering" was produced by Dutch production crew Godz Wrath (Black Marvel The MOD, Jordan River Banks, Ciph Barker, Dirty Needlz). On the spiritual sequel to "The Psychic World", "Planet Of The Gods", Priest let the Godz Wrath crew handle all production while the album in itself is a true comcept record bordering on science fiction and ancient knowledge. While it lacks the immediate power of its predecessor its a very strong release that rewards several listens and is further proof of just how good Killah Priest truly is. The first single is the album opener, "Citrin", which comes with a music video directed by Futprnts Workshop. Check it out above and listen to the album in full and order at this link.

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