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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

METHOD MAN Ft. StreetLife & Hanz On - "The Meth Lab"

While Method Man undoubtedly has one of the illest voices in the entire hip-hop game, and always stands out on any Wu-Tang Clan or Meth/Red releases (including more overlooked albums like "8 Diagrams" and "A Better Tomorrow")  but his solo ventures in the new millenium has been quite so-so with few expectations, leaving many dissapointed fans with an horrible album such as the bomb that was "Tical 0: The Pequel". Another thing is that he's known for taking MAD long to release a proper solo album. His latest "upcoming" releases "Crystal Method" and "The Meth Lab" was announced some years ago and just when you're sure we won't hear these projects, Meth finally unveils the first single from the album and after several listens I can say that it's a pretty damn ill cut that also features long-time rhyme partner Street Life and Meth's protogĂ© Hanz On. The result is classic drug raps and braggadocious shit which sometimes can be a good look for a first single. It took me a few listens to appreciate it, but now I'm even more hyped to see what the album's got in store. The fact that both 4th Disciple and Allah Mathematics are the two confirmed producers so far, makes this even more exciting looking at these guys track records together. But anyway, enjoy the title track to the album and don't hesitate to drop a comment on the subject.

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