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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

[Throwback] PETE ROCK - "Soul Survivor: The Documentary" (1998)

There's no denying that Pete Philips', better known as Pete Rock, is one of the major personage in hip-hop culture. Having released 12 albums that all range from classic to banging, as well as lacing immortal beats for the likes of EPMD, Slick Rick, Raekwon, Ghostface, Public Enemy, Rakim, and so many more, his place in the annals of hip-hop is for ever sacred. With his second official instrumental full-length "PeteStrumentals 2" just around the corner (June 23 via Mello Music Group) I thought it was only right I'd bring back this incredible document of a classic album in the making courtesy of Loud Records '97-'98. I'm talking about the 45 minutes documentary that the label produced for the making of Pete Rock's solo debut "Soul Survivor" which landed in stores in November 1998. It took me some time to really get into the album when I first got it but after countless listens I can truly see just how incredibly dope this LP really is - just as good as "Center Of Attention" and "PeteStrumentals" and them classic gems. Unlike "Soul Survivor II" (2004) where Pete basically went with the one MC/one DJ formula, for this first installment Pete used his connections at Future Flavaz, LOUD Records and of course all of the artists whose respect he had earned throughout the years, to create an album with one of the illest tracklistings of all time.

When we see documentaries about the making of classic albums (like VH1's "Reasonable Doubt" episode on "The Making Of The Classic Album" or the new Nas "Illmatic" documentary) you usually have the people involved reminiscing about its creation. This doc right here is something else man, this is 45 minutes of fly on the wall documentary style as Pete and the many guests produce, record and oversees the creation of the record. Previously this has been up on YouTube in 6 parts but thanks to user MastaOne2K we can now enjoy the full thing without any breaks. As a little bonus I collected a few joints that didn't make the final cut or got changed. The video itself features some exclusive moments too, like an exclusive DOPE Cappadonna verse for example.

01. "Stay Away" (Ft. De La Soul)
02. "Verbal Murder Pt. 1" (Ft. Mekolicious, Pete Rock & Buddha Monk)
03. "Strange Fruit" (Ft. Tragedy Khadafi, Noreaga, Mekolicious & Pete Rock)
04. "Greenbacks" [Demo]


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