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Saturday, June 13, 2015


On various, especially Wu forums, a lot of people have been dissing Ghostface and his recent albums a lot which to me is just fucking crazy. Okay "36 Seasons" was kind of mediocre, but "12 Reasons to Die" and "Sour Soul" was excellent to me. Not every album need to have super intricate rhyme scemes, and the production is so cinematic so you don't really need that much more than Ghost's amazing voice and flow though his lyrics is a bit dumbed down. As you know I put "12 Reasons..." as my #1 record of 2012, which I still stand by and the word that a sequel to this immaculate project is soon to arrive (July 6th if i'm not mistaken) is really something to look forward to. Especially as both singles so far has been absolutely excellent - the latest one is called "Let The Record Spin" and features GFK's long time P.N.C. Raekwon The Chef. So blast this one LOUD on some good speakers or your favorite headphones. In case you missed the first single, I'm posting that one too. Salute!

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