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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Showbiz - "No Days Off"

Who the hell saying that Showbiz of Show & A and D.I.T.C. ain't one of the illest to ever do it got sand in their ears. It seems he's working on an instrumental solo album called "The Answer" where the single "No Days Off" are lifted from. This shit really has me nodding my head in amazement, just about everything about it is perfect, from those drums, the recurring female vocals, the keyboard bass line, the accoustic piano and the sound effects. Fucking excellent! This was actually posted almost six months ago on the official D.I.T.C. channel but lows are real view so I guess a lot of people are still sleeping (and I gotta admit I didn't find it myself until just now). Diggin' in the Crates!

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