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Monday, June 15, 2015

[Throwback] K-DEF - "Willie Boo Boo 'The Fool'" (2006)

 Friends of The Lost Tapes know that I've been following the career of K-Def since the mid-to-late-'90s, way before he signed to Redefinition Records and started releasing impeccable instrumental LP:s. His first fully instrumental album was the masterpiece 42 piece suite known as "Willie 'Boo Boo' The Fool" that dropped in 2006 on the small indie label Redline Music Distribituion. Of course I have the vinyl at home, but since it's unfortunately out of print at the moment, fans can at least still enjoy the exqusite beats, breaks, and grooves thanks to K-Def's recently started Bandcamp page where he has uploaded the project in full (the LP version contained 25 songs, whle the CD edition featured the full 42 songs experience). This plays like a true instrumental hip-hop masterpiece, with K-Def flipping some of the most wonderful and well known samples in the game, and giving his own take on what made songs like Ghostface's "Mighty Healthy" and so much more. This is an album that is best enjoyed in headphones, just play play on the first track and let the 60 minutes of funk, soul and hp-hop take you to another planet of beats. Highlights include the straight up unbelivable "Axel's Replay" and "Ike's Replay" just to name a few, but you're best of listening to this from front-to-back. Though it's out-of-print by now, you can still enjoy it by copping the digital HQ version from K-Def's Bandcamp which of course also makes you a supporter of K-Def and the hard work he put into this project. By far one of the best LP:s of 2006 and if you haven't heard this yet, be glad that you still got the chance and hit play!

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