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Saturday, November 7, 2015

[EP Stream] PHAT KAT - "Rededication to the Suckers"

After being dropped from their contract with New York underground hip hop label Payday Records after their one and only single "Front Street" / "A Day With The Homiez", who has since gone on to become a true cult classic, The Detroit one MC/one producer constellation who by then went under the alias 1st Down used their failure in the shady industry to record one of the most agressive assaults on the recording industry and the Sucker MC's dominating the airwaves especially in their hometown of the "D". That EP, put out independently with help of unofficial Detroit hip-hop ambassador House Shoes, was called "Dedication to the Suckers" and is one of very few singles that I always mention as one of the best 12" singles and/or EP:s that I'd always argue to be one of the best records ever pressed up.

Fast forward to 2015, of course 1st Down is no more in no way, shape or for as producer Jay Dee / J Dilla sadly passed away in 2006, though Phat Kat with his take no prisoners flow, agressive delivery and great ear for beats. Still I was suprised to say the least when I saw UGHH's list of forthcoming releases list a brand new Phat Kat project called "Rededication to the Suckers", even going as far as sporting an updated cover of the originl artwork. I first thought it was a new reissue of the extended edition of the original '99 EP (which was previously only available on CD), but looking at the tracklistting and producer credits it turns out that it's an entirely new project made in honor of the original's themes and sound. Produced entirely by newcomer Agor and features guest verses from eLzhi and Guilty Simpson on the boom bnger "All Madden", I have to say on first listen I'm actually impressed with this joint. Phat Kat stays coming correct so be sure to preep this below and pre-order your copy on CD or LP which ships on October 30.

01. "Matnetic: Intro"
02. "Revolver"
03. "Redediction"
04. "All Madden" (Ft. eLzhi & Guilty Simpson)
05. "Still BubblinÀ"
06. "What A Nigga to Do"
07. "True Story"

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