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Saturday, November 7, 2015

[Stream] BUGSY DA GOD - "Camoflauge Discipline"

Hip-hop has always been a movement for the underdog which explains why many of the all time best projects in the genre has been created on a real underground movement. Bugsy Da God might not be the most recognized name in this industry, that's for sure, but he heavily endorsed by Killarmy's Dom Pachino and by extension many of the extended Wu-Tang family (the dope ones at that like Shyheim, Falling Down, 4th Disciple and Bronze Nazareth). In 2011 he released "Terrorist Advocate" his solo debut, again presented by Dom Pachino, and featuring production by 4th and Bronze and received acclaim from dedicated Wu-Tang and Killarmy fans all over the globe. With his second album which was just released the other day his gritty reality raps has been sharpened a lot more as his flow, delivery, writing and performance has been severely improved. And with strong production by Havoc, 4th Disciple, UK's Endemic, Falling Down, Bronze Nazareth and guest verses from Dom Pachino, Timbo King, Tragedy Khadafi, Lethafase, Trife Diesel, Afu-Ra, Masta Killa, Progial Sunn, Big Noyd, Killah Priest, Polite, and Islord you can count on this being one of those albums people will rediscover ten years from now, wondering why the hell people totally overlooked this gem on release. So don't be that guy and be sure to peep this shit ASAP, you can stream the entire project below and order the limited CD for $15.00 so don't wait because this will not be repressed.

And as I've been on a hiatus from posting, the sister or brother album to this excellent release which was also released on Napalm Recordings earlier this year is Dom Pachino's new, and without a doubt finest solo release yet, "War Poetry" fully produced by Bronze Nazareth (save for a bonus cut laced by 4th) - check it out here while you bump this crazy Bugsy Da God LP below. Trust me that you won't see this on many years ends best of list beside The Lost Tapes, which's why you coming back to this banger right!

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