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Thursday, March 3, 2016

[Documentary] MASTA ACE - "Disposable Arts"

I must admit that I wasn't really that aware of Masta Ace and his work before his comeback in 2001 with the excellent "Disposable Arts" and then the equally impressive "A Long Hot Summer" - two albums that both stand as great examples of what a great Hip Hop album should and could be if treated right. Since then I've been a huge fan, collected his back catalouge, seen him live both solo and with eMC, but as I had missed my chance of picking up either of the above albums when they originally dropped I was glad to see HHV and M3 Entertainment get together to release High Quality 180 gram 2xLP sets of both albums a few years ago which I obviously picked up. I noticed that they also put out a CD version of the former album which came strapped with an additional 2 hour documentary on a bonus DVD that were not included on the vinyl edition. As I love this type of stuff I was really eager to see these but I wasn't going to buy a CD copy of an album I just bought on wax just for that (though the thought crossed my mind).

Luckily, the good people at Below The System Records (who handled the CD reissue) has decided to upload the entire thing on YouTube for our enjoynment. Almost all of the contributors to this modern classic chime in with interesting behind the scenes stories on its making, including producers like Domingo, Paul Nice, Deacon The Villain of CunninLinguists, Xplicit, Luis "Sabor" Tineo, Xplicit, Koolade, DJ JS-One and Ayatollah, guests like the eMC crew, Jean Grae, Young Zee, Tha Alkaholiks, Rah Digga, and of course Masta Ace himself and the executive producers. I just started watching but this is without a doubt a must see for any true fan of the album and creative Hip Hop in general, so just hit play whenever you have some time over because it will definitely make you want to throw on the album afterwards as well. Enjoy and order the CD/DVD package from Below System Records.

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