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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

[Stream] KILLAH PRIEST & Vendetta Kingz - "The Infinite Universe"

 For both new followers of this extremely talented yet really pyisociology and spiritual ou thtere brother it is really hard to know which projects are worth checking because there's just SO many of them. If you're new to Killah Priest, I'd say that the discs that are essentials without doubt are "Heavy Mental", "A Psychic World Of Walter Reed", "Behind The Stained Glass" (to a lesser extent) and his recent "Planet Of The Gods"

Pretty much out of nowhere this collaboration between MC/producer duo Vendetta Kingz ad while I haven't had he time to listen to it all, though I've heard good things about it you can stream the entire album via the trio's Bandcamp where you can also show your supprt.Produtiona are handled by Bronza Nazareth, DJ Woool, Telemachus, Endemic, and more and features guest apperaces by Chief Kaachi, 60 Second Assasin, Timbo King, and more. Stream below to see you dig it dig as soon as it drops?

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