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Thursday, October 2, 2014

FLYING LOTUS - "Never Catch Me" (Ft. Kendrick Lamar)

While Flying Lotus definitely held his own before it, with "Until the Quiet Comes" I felt that he really created a mesmerizing masterpiece of an album that defies labeling while taking the listener on a sonical journey through the depths of his or her mind. Obviously the follow-up LP, "You're Dead", is therefore highly anticipated around here and as I finally was able to give it is first spin I can say that I'm again very impressed. The album is really, really good and blends the atmosphere and genre-bending inventiveness of "The Quiet" while leaning even heavier towards an experimentation of jazz vibes - something I'm more than fine with. Check out the Hiro Murai directed video for the 1st single "Never Catch Me", featuring Mr. Kendrick Lamar on vocas. Tomorrow you'll be able to stream the album on FlyLo's official web page where you'll also find links to purchase the proejcts, so be sure to support the movement!


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