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Monday, December 15, 2014

[Album] THE WHOOLIGANZ - Proposed Album

Today I got a truly crazy gem for all of the '90s hip-hop fanatics that love them some bass heavy Soul Assassins ish. Mista Mo approached me about putting this on the site for y'all to hear and for that I am very grateful! In case you've missed out on the scoop The Whooliganz was an early '90s hip-hop duo affiliated with Soul Assassins, but what really makes them interesting is its members - The Alchemist who teamed up with Scott Caan (yes, the son of Sony Corleone) to form The Whooliganz. After opening up some shows for Cypress Hill the group were signed to an album deal with Tommy Boy around '92 and started working on their debut. Though the album were completed the deal fell through after the first single, "Put Your Handz Up", failed to get the duo any real attention. As is often the case however, a very small number of promo cassettes were pressed up and has been sought after by hip-hop heads for years.

Last year we were treated to a rip of a snippet tape for the album called "Make Way For The W" but now thanks to Mista Mo I can present you with the real deal. Mo purchased the promo tape from Jamieson Grillo, a former Tommy Boy employee, and decided to share the goods with the rest of the world. Notice that this differ heavily from the aforementioned snippet tape, and features a bunch of previously unheard tracks, including several guest appearances by B-Real. Check out Mo's notes and the tracklist below and scroll down to grab yourself a copy. Mad thanks for this one!! EXCLUSIVE!

"This is not "Make Way For The W", the unreleased album. It's probably a demo tape intended for internal listening at Tommy Boy. The name "Make Way For The W" was probably taken from the song of the same name, which isn't on this but has surfaced on another demo tape. It is likely that versions of some if not all of these tracks would have been on the final album.

Versions of Time Goes On, Put Your Handz Up, Hit The Deck and Whooliganz were released on singles, the rest of the tracks are unreleased.

Time Goes On is incorrectly listed as "Whooliganz - Original" on the UK Whooliganz 12".
Put your Handz Up is a slightly different mix to the single version (e.g. the horns before the first verse).
Whooliganz is not the same as the single version. It is nearly identical but does not feature B-Real.
A version of T-Rays beat for "Keep On" was used for Wayne Smith - Under Mi Sleng Teng (Soul Assassins Remix)."

A1. "It's The Whoolies" [prod. by T-Ray]
A2. "Get A Grip" (Ft. B-Real)  [prod. by T-Ray]
A3. "Time Goes On" (Ft. B-Real) [prod. by T-Ray]
A4. "Put Your Handz Up" [prod. by DJ Lethal]
A5. "Hit The Deck" (Ft. Everlast) [prod. by Baka Boyz]
A6. "Back Off Me Yo" (Ft. B-Real) [prod. by T-Ray]
A7. "Crackin' Da Cranium" (Ft. B-Real) [prod. by DJ Lethal]
A8. "Interlude / Skit"
B1. "Keep On" [prod. by T-Ray]
B2. "Don't Mean Nothing" [prod. by DJ Lethal]
B3. "I Get Mine" [prod. by T-Ray]
B4. "On The Reel" [prod. by Baka Boyz]
B5. "Fat One" [prod. by Baka Boyz]
B6. "Whooliganz" [prod. by Baka Boyz]
B7. "Shout Out Track"
B8. "Shout Out Track" (Instrumental)



  1. B-Real in his nasal-high prime and blunted Soul-Assassin beats!

  2. Wow, cant believe i can finally hear all the tracks.i was looking for it for years. Thanks and claaa7 for sharing this rare stuff.

  3. I had bought a copy of Grillo two years ago. Oh shit! I would have liked to share but was afraid of violating copyright.
    Anyway, I'm glad that everyone can access that material.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I am preparing an update of a compilation of classic Soul Assassins family I did many years ago in 2003.
    It includes Cypress Hill / House of Pain / Funkdoobiest / Whooliganz / Fatal / Psycho Realm / Call O Da Wild.
    Perhaps also include some Lordz of Brooklyn (initially formed part of the crew of Soul assasins). They formed part of their SA tour. They are mentioned in the track "Irish Pride". And appear in the clip "Shamrocks & Shenanigans".
    It will also include remixes and collaborations with other artists.
    Another day I will send you a list of those tracks.

    Thank you for this great page!

  4. Here is an album cover I did (some fan art) for the proposed album :