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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

[Coming Soon] BIG PUNISHER - "Bronx Legends Never Die"

I've heard some whispers about this before but now the incredible news of fresh new music from the great Big Punisher is a definite reality. Titled "Bronx Legends Never Die" the project is produced and created by Domingo (who of course produced one of Pun's all time classics "The Dream Shatterer") and will feature guest apperances by Chris Rivers, Cormega, Shaq & Easy Mo Bee. While no tracklist has been released as of yet one song has been revealed to be a re-recording of the Shaquille O'Neal track "The Bigger They R" with Fat Joe and Pun, which is now set to include verses from 'Mega and Chris Rivers, The EP is being pressed up on a very limited CD run of 100 (typo?) copies which is up for pre-order @ IndieGoGo.


  1. Very very interested in this but gonna need that track list before I drop bread on it

  2. Nice Punisher cover, snippet of the single sounds flames.