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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

GRAVEDIGGAZ Ft. MF GRIMM - "1-800 Suicide" [Extended Remix]

This song has been floating around for many years and are more often than not written off as an unofficial, but well-crafted, fan made mash-up remix. Well, I got news for the naysayers, this original Gravediggaz and MF Grimm collaboration is an 100% official remix as confirmed by the latter. Probably recorded in early 1995, this was specially made on request from a magazine for a free CD given away with their latest issue and this was the result. I'm not sure if Prince Paul did the beat on this but it's a banging beat to say the least. 

"The magazine did it with the authorization of the group and it was also symbolic because that was the name of Roc Raider, myself (GRIMM REAPER) and B1 The Undertaker", according to Grimm. It's incredible how organic these guys sound together, would love to have had more collabos between both groups like that.

GRAVEDIGGAZ Ft. MF GRIMM - "1-800 Suicide" [Remix]


  1. Grimm & Roc Raida were the group called Gravediggaz that was formed in the 80's. Just them two. Has nothing to do with the well-known Gravediggaz

    1. so, it is likely that this verse from Grimm was lifted from earlier recordings with Roc Raida and mashed up. Grimm probably confirmed it because it makes him look good

    2. ya know what. ignore that. i think a better explanation is the popular Gravediggaz saw Grimm had a group of the same name from the 80's and wanted to work with him to honor him. This makes more sense as Poetic's nickname that he used in the group was "Grym Reaper" which is eerily similar to Grimm's earlier name, the "Grimm Reaper"