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Saturday, March 21, 2015


I'm a huge fan of pretty much everything producer Preservation has done ever since I first heard him on that "Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture" compilation. And KA was of course down with the Natural Elements and though I probably heard some verse back then, it was first on GZA's "Pro Tools" album and then on Roc Marcy's albums that I really became aquainted with this rugged Brownsville spitter. Now the two are hooking up as an MC/producer duo under the name of Dr. Yen Lo. The video to their first single is directed by the group himself (KA really loves doing it all by himself), produced by Preservation and vocals entirely produced by KA. I'm not sure when the album, titled "Days With Dr. Yen Lo" will drop, but this is a cool introduction that I'm sure will grow on a lot of people.

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