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Thursday, March 12, 2015

[Tracklist] KILLAH PRIEST - "Planet Of The Gods"

Killah Priest is without a doubt one of the most underrated rappers out there, though at least a lot of people are starting to recognize how dope he really is. Since "The Offering" some of his finest tracks has been produced by Dutch production team Godz Wrath, and for his latest album "Power Of The Godz" will be entirely produced by the crew and feature 20 tracks with no guest verses. Check out the tracklist below, a long with the single "Color Of Ideas" and the new non-album cut "Medication".

01. "Intro"
02. "Citrin" [prod. Black Marvel & Jordan River Banks]
03. "Gods of E.Din" [prod. Ciph Barker]
04. "Golden Pineapple Of The Sun" [prod. by Jordan River Banks]
05. "Starship Planets" (Shi'ur Qoomah" [prod. Ciph Barker]
06. "Creation of a Super God" [prod. Black Marvel]
07. "The Vast Bottomles Sleep (Cosmos)" [prod. Jordan River Banks]
08. "PWOWR Glove" [prod. Ciph Barker]
09. "L. Gigi (People Of The Land & The Node)" [prod. Jordan River Banks]
10. "Earth to Walter Reed, Come in Please" [prod. Jordan River Banks]
11. "Mul.Alpin Tablets" [prod. Ciph Barker]
12. "Centrality Of Our Mythic Imagination" [prod. Jordan River Banks]
13. "Rouge Visionz" [prod. Black Marvel]
14. "Color Of Ideas" [prod. Jordan River Banks]
15. "Quantum Spirit of Creations" [prod. by Jordan River Banks]
16. "Alien Stars" [prod. by Ciph Barker]
17. "I Destroyed You In Front Of Your Leaders" [prod. by Black Marvel]
18. "Body of Light" [prod. by Jordan River Banks"]
19. "Gallery of the Gods" [prod. Black Marvel]
20. "Walt's Day Out" (Bonus Track) [prod. Black Marvel]

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