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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

DOOMSTARKS - "Lively Hood"

That's what's up - a new DOOM / Ghostface Killah collaboration to make sure we don't forget that these two legendary figures are supposed to drop an album sometime in the future. Well, we will see about that but given that there's actually been some loose tracks like this popping up every now and then suggests at least a few recording sessions have taken place. I hope they don't scrap the older material from the original sessions though as none of them deliver their finest performances on this new track "Lively Hood" - still DOOM and Ghost on a day off are more entertaining to listen to than 90% of rappers out there. The production work (probably from DOOM I am guessing) knocks hard too though...

While you're at it also check out the new Shabazz Palaces that also dropped as part of the Adult Swim 2015 singles series - "The Mystery of Lonnie The Don".

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