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Friday, September 4, 2015

[Stream] SCARFACE - "Deeply Rooted"

Mr. Scarface, one of the top 5 lyricists of all time if you ask me, finally returns with a new album and shit sounds banging from the first few cuts. This is Face's first full-length since 2008's overlooked "Emeritus" and now free from his Rap-A-Lot chains, he seems to be in an artistically great place. The bulk of the beats on here is produced by long-time associate N.O. Joe who brings forth the classic dark, deep and gritty Houston vibe we'd come to associate with this legendary emcee. I'd be suprised if this doesn't end up being one of the strongest albums of the year so be sure to support the man with a purchase (iTunes, UGHH). FACE IS BACK!!

01. "Intro"
02. "Rooted" (Ft. Poppa Reu)
03. "Hot Seat"
04. "Dope Man Pushin'" (Ft. Poppa Reu)
05. "Fuck You Too" (Ft. Z-Ro)
06. "Steer" (Ft. Rush Davis)
07. "Anything"
08. "Do What I Want" (Ft. Nas, Rick Ross & Z-Ro)
09. "God" (Ft. John Legend)
10. "Keep It Movin'" (Ft. Avant)
11. "You" (Ft. Cee-Lo Green)
12. "All Bad"
13. "Voices"
14. "No Problem"
15. "Outro"


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  1. One of Scarface's stronger solo records.

    Gumbo Funk reppin...

    (Production credits)

    1. Intro
    Produced by Mike Dean

    2. Rooted (feat. Papa Reu)
    Produced by N.O. Joe

    3. The Hot Seat
    Produced by N.O. Joe

    4. Dope Man Pushin' (feat. Papa Reu)
    Produced by N.O. Joe & Spuf Don

    5. F**k You Too (feat. Z-Ro)
    Produced by N.O. Joe & Chuck Heat

    6. Steer (feat. Rush Davis)
    Produced by Luke Walker

    7. Anything
    Produced by N.O. Joe & Nottz

    8. Do What I Do (feat. Nas, Rick Ross & Z-Ro)
    Produced by N.O. Joe & Spuf Don

    9. God (feat. John Legend)
    Produced by N.O. Joe & Ervin "EP" Pope

    10. Keep It Movin' (feat. Avant)
    Produced by N.O. Joe & Spuf Don

    11. You (feat. Ceelo Green)
    Produced by N.O. Joe & Ervin "EP" Pope

    12. All Bad
    Produced by N.O. Joe & Ervin "EP" Pope

    13. Voices
    Produced by M.Mac & J. Baum

    14. No Problem
    Produced by The Key

    15. Outro
    Produced by Mike Dean

    Best Buy Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks

    16. The Exit Plan
    Produced by Cardiak

    17. Mental Exorcism
    Produced by Arthur McArthur & Amir Epstein

    18. I Don’t Know
    Produced by DJ Buddha''