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Friday, September 11, 2015

MALIK B. - "Sporadic Measures" / "Sleep Mode" (1996)

Phew some really ill demos for y'all right here... Philly producer EDK posted this unreleased demo that he recorded with Malik B, formerly of The Roots, back in 1996 and it's got that real gritty underground vibe to it that we all love. "Produced by: EDK on the SP 1200. Recorded on 4 Track Tape in 1996.the mixes of these tracks are rough versions used for reference on the ride home after recording..." it says in the description of the video. Also in the comments section the following quote can be found - "Yes we did this 4am in my house he wanted to get away from the roots he said that they are going to r and b and we had a 4 track that was it and thats one take the beat is the sp1200".

Check out how "Sleep Mode" (above) would plant the seed for "Don't See Us" on the "Things Fall Apart" a couple of years later in the same way that the untitled bonus track at the end of that album would lay the ground for "Carbon Copy" by Rahzel some time after its recording.

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