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Friday, February 5, 2016

D.I.T.C. - "Gotta Be Classic"

Another day, another solid D.I.T.C. single on deck as we're all getting ready for whatever project the legendary crew is working on for Slice Of Spice. This is the fifth single so far and if we add to that the additional 1:30 snippets sampler we've heard full songs, or excerpts from, seven songs recorded for the project so far. Now of course we don't know if this will actually end up on the album; for example for "MugshotMusic", Showbiz & AG dropped 5 or 6 singles from the album but instead put those on a mixtape as they continued recording so that in the end none of the original singles actually turned up on the vinyl and CD editions of the proper album. Either way I'm happy with as much new Diggin' I can get - its a damn group album from the best Hip Hop crew arond; legends in this game is a gross understatement.

The latest drop is a Showbiz produced knocker called "Gotta Be Classic" which continues Show's now signature sound of digital technology meets real hard hitting boom bap. As for the vocal part of the song the Oasis brothers (OC & AG) gets busy together which is always a good sign. While I haven't been truly blown away by everything they have released so far there's enough here to warrant a copy of the album to be purchased (Fat Joe is back in the fold, Diamond, Show, Finesse is making beats, and hoefully Buckwild will get involved) and there's even a new producer delivering crazy goods in true D.I. fashion - meaning that they have always been looking for new talented artists and producers and helping them get their shine on. If you have missed any of the previous singles head over to DITCEnt @ Soundcloud, press play and let it roll. And of course stay tuned for more info as soon as more information becomes known.

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