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Friday, February 12, 2016

K-DEF remixes HOT 16 - "Rhythm" (Ft. Ohmega Watts)

Since I first came across his work on House Of Hits projects with Marley Marl and especially his extended contribution to Tragedy's excellent sophomore '92 album I've been a big fan of K-Def. He put in a heavy load of quality material when it came to remixing and producing bangers that more often than not surpassed the original but around 2006 he left the remixing and production credits for others behind to focus on a solo career as he pur all his eggs in the solo career basket as he hooked up with JNOTA and Redefinition Records. Leaving behind his trusted MPC:s; SP1200:s and record collection of dusty samples he redefinied the hip-hop production in such a way that he proved that you can make just as good and authentic hip-hop music without samples and fancy machines if you're just talented enough (unfortunately 95% of producers are nowhere close to that level).

As much as I loved all K's solo albums, singles, 12":s and EP:s and one MC collaborations over the last few years I have certainly missed his remixes and guest producers. We got the incredible InI reunion he did for Benefience record back in 2013, "Cold Train", the DJ EFN remix EP with bangers like "Selfish" (King Tee, Fashawn, Kurupt), "Revolutionary Ride Music" (OC, Your Old Droog, Reks & Royce 5'9") and so on. Now New Jersey's finest is back with another underground remix to his name - "Rhythm" is a new single by Hot 16 and Omega Watts (no clue here). You can check out the original version here and pick up the limited 7" vinyl or the HQ download right here.  But the song bangs, so TURN IT UP and let's hope for more crazy 'Def music in 2016. Enjoy!

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