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Saturday, February 27, 2016

KANYE / DJ PREMIER - "I Love Kanye"

Since I recently got a full-time job it's very hard to keep up with this blog, it seems most likely that the updates will be on the weekends, hopefully my trusted readers will understand my situation. After all I've been putting in a lot of work for y'all for five or six years by now. Now, The Lost Tapes has never been a blog to talk about artists like Kanye West and post-"Hard Knock Life" Jay-Z although this doesn't mean that I am not a fan of much of their work. Especially Kanye I feel is one of the few artists in todays Hip-Hop climate that comes with a unique presentation, original music that often succesfully crosses genre boundaries. In other words he is not afraid to experiment with the artform which to my ears is in direct contrast with a large population of the Hip-Hop community of the 2010s. For example, there's a lot of skilled underground artists out there that are very talented on a technical level but lack that thing that make them stand out from the rest and grab your interest, whether it be through production, flows, writing or their general output. This feeling of "I've heard it all before" is one of the things that are hurting Hip Hop as a music culture the most right now if you ask me. We need more innovators! And that is why albums like Kanye's "The Life Of Pablo" and Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp A Butterfly" are both albums that I truly believe will stand the test of time. I've been listening to the former very much since it first dropped and while I wasn't blown away on first listen it has continued growing - the main problem is that it lacks focus in some places, and especially during the middle section there's a lot of wack juice that should have been left off. This is interestig considering that the original tracklist only had 10 tracks which is the same amount of songs that I kept for my phone and which makes the album a much, much more cohessive and enjoyable listen.

But enough of "The Life Of Pablo" as an album - I understand that a lot of heads dislike it and its creator a whole lot but I still urge anyone of you to give it an open minded listen as you migtht be suprised. One of the last minute additions mentioned above is the accapella interlude called "I Love Kanye". Within the next couple of months you can count on a multitude of remixes of this one but I doubt many will be as interesting as Mr. DJ Premier's take on it. As fans of the good ol' Preem knows he has been trying to work with Kanye for years without anything ever coming to fruition. Taking matters in his own hands, Premier just unleashed his short but potent remix of said track which gives us a glimpse into what an official 'Ye / Premier collaboration might've sounded. Matter of fact this would sound great on the actual album, like a lil' boom bap type of intermission. You can be stream the song below, so be sure to TURN THAT VOLUME UP and get your head bopping!

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