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Saturday, October 1, 2016


Some people were giving me shit on here because I crowned Souls' Of Mischief's album "There Is Only Now", an album entirely produced by Adrian Younge with a few co-production credits given to another one of my favorites in Ali Shaheed Muhammad. Few other producers makes as interesting and original hip hop music as Younge in 2014-2016, a long with Robert Glasper, Kanye West and some others. I feel that Hip Hop is in the risk of becoming too stagnant and we really need guys like this that aren't afraid of pushing the artform further. A while back there were some talk about a collaboration LP between Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge but what they (together with excellent arranger/producer Miguel Awood-Fergusson) have done here is score the entire soundtrack to Marvel's new comic turned Netflix-series "Luke Cage". If you happen to be in the LA area, you have a chance to hear the trio perform the entire score live to scenes projected of the movie together with a 40 piece orchesra. Tickets and more info here. Sounds like an event alright!

But at least we got a new single by Method Man and what it really comes down to is wehether or not the song is ill, and in my opinion this is a banger that really works in that all three artists put their egos aside and let each member of the trio bring his unique flavor to the joint. "Bulletproof Love" is the first single from the NetFlix / Marvel series "Luke Cage". I love how Marvel is really embracing that "W". Borrowed from the excellent WTforLife bog. Check it out!

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