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Friday, March 16, 2018

[Audiobook] U-God is RAW

As most of you probably know U-God of Wu-Tang Clan has just released his memoir, entitled "RAW" on Picador USA (Faber & Faber for the UK/Europe market) and as this is the first true biography of one of the original members of Wu-Tang Clan people should flock to the stores or online places to pick this up. I received the hardcopy US version in the mail today and it looks very professional and from what I heard it's an exceptional book so I really think you should "Hurry up and buy". Filled with anecdotes, the story behind the workings of the Clan and an autobiography of Lamont Hawkinx from when he was young to today. This is a must have for any Wu fan and there's even an audiobook read by Uey himself on there. Here's an audio exceprt to have your mouth watering: Check the snippet below and order the book from your usual bookstore: You can book from Amazon amogst other retailers.

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