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Friday, March 23, 2018

U-GOD Is on a roll buiding up to "VENOM" (30/3)

The month of Match 2017 is U-God month, one of the dopest voices in Hip Hop and one of the realest emcees to touch a microphone on really succesful level is HUNGRY as hell. If you haven't read his book "RAW" (Faber and Faber) yet be sure to do that ASAP before you get the "Venom" album which drops on March 30 because you will understand why he's so hungry to make this a coherrent album. And while "Golden Arms Redemption", ""Dopium" and "Keynote Speaker" all had their moments they sure as hell wasn't coherrent albums that you could bump front-to-back. Check out the snaky RZA diss around the 1 minute mark.

"DOPIUM" looks a lot more promising since the majority of the album, more than half is produced by DJ Homocide and Jose Reynoso, who fans know better as Choco and has been around the Wu-Tang Clan since 1993 although he originally come from a House movement, In fact it was he who helped RZA find all those dusty drum samples for the early Wu-Tang albums through the drum samples LP:s he put out together with Carlos Bess. As a hip-hop producer he produced "Bob N' I" for RZA, "Digital Warfare" for RZA, GZA's "0% Finance". Not any of my favorites from those repsective albums to say the least, but U-God has put him together with his longtime producer DJ Homocide who has produced a lot of bangers on the low all hw way back to U-God's first solo outing. I mean "Mr. Xcitement" was shit but who can deny that THAT song was anything but a monster? Oh and the two have produce before as a unit on his last album - on these two joints ("Skyscaper") and ("Stars"). I fuck with that.

This is getting long winded what I'm trying to say that the production which has been Uey's achilles heel seems to be in find hands. Not only are Choco and DJ Homocide co-producing 7 of the records, but we get one joint each for Lord Finesse and one from Large Professor. DJ Green Lantern is lacing two jonts, including the immaculte single "Epicenter" so no need to worry there. So that leaves two joints, one by Powers Pleasant of Pro Era fame who has worked with Joey Bada$$ and Capiral Steez, and Ill Tall who sets off the entire album, and everyone knows that you don't set off your album with one of the weaker tracks of the album. This is reassuring and with the singles Babygrande and Uey has given us I have a feeling this will be U-God's best album yet. The album that "Dopium" was supposed to be if it hadn't been watered dwn with weak ass tracks like "Hips", that tea joint, the painful Dubstep remix, the Jim Jones track, you get it. Not to mention that Scotty Wotty The Jackpot, real Wu heads not, get two fetures - one which might actually be a solo joint!

1. “Exordium” (Produced by ILL TAL)
2. “Unstoppable” (Produced by Powers Pleasant)
3. “Epicenter” featuring Raekwon, Inspectah Deck and Scotty Wotty (Produced by Green Lantern)
4. “Bit Da Dust” (Produced by DJ Homicide and Jose Reynoso)
5. “Elegance” f/ Nomdiq (Produced by Green Lantern)
6. “Climate” (Produced by Jose Reynoso)
7. “Venom” (Produced by DJ Homicide and Jose Reynoso)
8. “Felon” (Produced by Large Professor)
9. “Legacy” (Produced by DJ Homicide and Jose Reynoso)
10. “Whole World Watchin’” (Produced by Lord Finess & he Bossmen)
11. “XXX” featuring Method Man (Produced by DJ Homicide)
12. “Jackpot” featuring Scotty Wotty

(Produced by DJ Homicide and Jose Reynoso)
13. “Wisdom” (Produced by Jose Reynoso)


  1. Now that venom dropped I'd like to hear what u think bout it? There's some real great songs in here but also some where Golden Arms dosnt sound very motivated to say the least imo

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