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Sunday, November 28, 2010

[Comp] ROC MARCIANO - "Caviar: The Album]

Roc Marciano has been around for longer than you might think, leading up to one of this years absolute finest releases in 'Marcberg' (go cop that if you haven't already, very recommended) the Long Island MC became a part of Busta Rhymes's Flipmode Squad for a short while in 1999, during the recording of 'Anarchy' where he rhymed on two songs as well as (according to himself) was a creative force in the creation of the entire project (picking the beats, guests, etc.). The Flipmode stint didn't last long but it was probably for the better as he had his own crew, The U.N. 

After appearing on two now classic songs from Pete Rock's 'Petestrumentals', the four men crew recorded their own debut album under the supervision of Q-Tip, The Alchemist, Schott Free, Pete Rock and Large Professor (pretty impressive for a debuting underground crew huh). The result was the criminally underrated 'U N Or U Out!!' (beautiful title) which i strongly recommend you spending money on if you ever come across it, although it's out of print by now. Over the years The UN's leader has obviously done cameos on several hot records and in an attempt to collect the best of that material I created 'Caviar: The Album'; a 15 track showcase of his work from the Flipmode days to 2009 (of course no album material from his solo shit or The UN LP) and featuring production by Pete Rock, Large Professor, the late great Roc Raida, The P Brothers, Easy Mo Bee and others. It originally had 20 tracks but after several listens i decided the "album" flows so much better this way. Enjoy and if you like what you hear make sure you support the man!

01. "Long Time Coming"
02. "Outta Control"
03. "The Regulators" (w. The X-Ecutioners & Sly Boogie)
04. "Lay It Down"
05. "Marcberri Interlude"
06. "Caviar"
07. "Think Differently" (w. Tragedy Khadafi, Vordul Mega & Casual)
08. "Short Race" (w. GZA/Genius)
09. "Firepower"
10. "Here We Go Again" (w. The Flipmode Squad)
11. "Money" (w. El Da Sensei)
12. "As Long As It's Real"
13. "Let's Make A Toast" (w. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon & Chip Banks)
14. "The Heist" (w. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon & Ghostface Killah)
15. "It's So G"


  1. Egads, another interesting comp.
    I've really enjoyed the comps I've gotten off here, the unreleased killah priest one is a favourite of mine.
    Any chance of a re-up on this?
    Marcberg was easily the best rap album of 2010 imo. And I loved the flipmode squad when everyone jumped on a track. (Showing my age) Hopefully the new Roc album won't disappoint.

  2. Can we get a new link for this one pls!?!

  3. new link up and running for y'all.

    Charles Darwin: thx for checking out the blog, i saw you had requested a re-up on the Frank-N-Dank album. i love that one, one of my personal favorites. i'll try to hook you up with that ASAP. peace

  4. Thanks again bud.
    Cheers for this and for frank n dank too when you get the time.
    I must have spent hours just trawling through your posts, lots of good music on show.

  5. damn cant get this link to work and im a huge roc marc fan, is batshare a foreign site? some of these tracks i def dont have...also peep the j love & roc marciano tapes for some unreleased shit