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Saturday, November 27, 2010

RZA is still #1

In the '90s RZA was always held as one of the top 5 hip-hop producers of all time, producing classic albums with the same tempo as The Beatles did in the '60s. As he grew spiritually and left the streets behind his music obviously changed as musicians who stay true to who they are should always reflect where they are in life. As his style changed many people felt he didn't got it anymore, failing to see how extremely well-produced albums like "8 Diagrams" and the soundtrack to the "Afro Samurai" series actually were. Earlier this year a track called "Lost in Tokyo" by an artist named City Haze surfaced - produced by the one and only The RZA. Since the song seemed to fly over most peoples heads and it's truly incredible i figured it was only right to bring it back for those who missed it. Below is both the youtube video and an mp3-link in 192 kbps. TURN IT UP!!

City Haze - "Lost In Tokyo" (RZA)

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