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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

[comp] TRAGEDY - "Raw Footage: The 12" Collection"

Now to the second installment in my Tragedy series, celebrating one of QB's absolute finest lyricists that is alot more important to the QB sound than many give him credit for. The youngest member of The Juice Crew, learned Havoc alot about rapping and producing, coined the term "Illmatic" and if you ask me he was one of the main reasons Capone-N-Noreaga got a classic album to their name, CNN are two good rappers but when Tragedy took them under his wing it became a totally different story - he came up with the whole concept, pretty mufh appeared on as many songs as Capone, released it via his 25 to Life imprint and gathered the producers, etc. This second compilation i put together focusing on that time of period between 1996 and 1998, featuring his B-side, remixes and guest spots with CNN at the time as well as some of the white labels he released during this time, including tracks like "First Day Of Spring" with Mobb Deep and "Blood Type" dissing Noreaga. Both compilations bang, you really do yourself a favor by listening to them both front-to-back. Word life!'

01. Thug Paradise (ft. Capone) [12" Version]
02. Real Live Shit (Remix) (ft. Capone & Real Live)
03. L.A. L.A. (Iraq Mix) (ft. CNN & Mobb Deep)
04. Strange Fruit (ft. Pete Rock, Noreaga & Meccalicious)
05. Calm Down (Ft. CNN & NaS)
06. Alluminati (Ft. Imam Thug)
07. True Confessions (Ft. Imam Thug)
08. The Bridge 2000 (Ft. Imam Thug)
09. First Day of Spring (ft. Mobb Deep)
10. Judas Theory
11. Real (w. DJ Krush)
12. Raw Footage (ft. Sporty Thievz)
13. The Usual Suspects (ft. Mic Geronimo, DMX & Ja Rule)
14. Too Bent & Too High
15. "Blood Type"


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  4. alright, sorry for the late reup but now it's up and working!

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  6. Could you re-up this please?

  7. peace guys,
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