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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tragedy Compilation #1

"Intelligent Hoodlum" and "Saga Of A Hoodlum" are two of my favorite early Juice Crew albums and it was amazing to hear the young Tragedy rhyme real shit about his life like a seasoned street vet and he had mad heart and soul in his music. After the Juice crew days he started his own 25 to Life and managed Capone-N-Noreaga and put together "The War Report" with them in 1997, another classic. After that his albums hasn't really lived up to their potential although he's still an incredible music and there's usually a few true masterpieces on each album which ain't bad at all. My two Tragedy albums (his name was never Intelligent Hoodlum, that was a mix-up from the label)consists of the first: his Juice Crew/"Intelligent Hoodlum" days, 1988-1994 while the second focuses on the start of 25 to Life and his non-album work with the CNN members, 1996-1998. I was too lazy to make a cover for this for now but enjoy!

01. "Your Tragedy"
02. "Live & Direct At The House Of Hits." (Ft. Craig G)
03. "Funk Mode (Large Professor Remix" (Ft. Havoc)
04. "Live Motivator" [Ft. Marley Marl]
05. "America Eats The Young"(Ft. Chuck D & Marley Marley)
06. "Back To Life (Marey Remix)"
07. "Street Life (Return to the Life Remix)"
08. "Buck Buck" (Unreleased)
09. "In Control Promo" (Ft. Big Daddy Kane & Biz Markie)
10. "The Rebel" [w. Marley Marl]
11. "Keep Control" (Ft. Grand Puba, Def Jef, King Tee, Chubb Rock) [Marley Marl]
12. "At Large (Marley Remix)
13. "Pass Da Tek (Large Professor Remix" (Ft. Havoc)
14. "Part 1 (To Da Old School)" (Ft. Dred Scott)
15. "Part 2 (Funky Rhythms)" (Ft. Dred Scott)
16. "Six Million Ways to Die" (Ft. Nine a.k.a. Double M)
17. "Death Row (Original Mix)"

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