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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dope new underground shit from Sweden

 Side Effectz is a rap group hailing from Sweden that's hopefully about to blow in a minute. Their main rapper is Linkan who got a fly, original style and writes and spits about what he knows and how he lives. The crew also consists of two skilled producers, Isaac V. a/k/a Apokalips and Juancan, who both drop occassional rhymes as well. As part of the extended AOTS family they dropped their limited street album "AOTS: The Album" in 2008 but now with a better distribution deal and more time in the game they are gearing up to release their first official album "The Wood Sessions" later this year. The lead single is called "Same Shit, Different Toilet" and is produced by Isaac V so go ahead and download it below (or stream it via YouTube) and feel free to write a line or two in the comments section. TBG/Nydala stylee!



  1. The A.O.T.S. crew is a local Swedish movement of graffiti writers, Side Effectz and a whole bunch of people who just hangs around. Always out to struggle for something man...

    how do you like the track? personally i think it knocks, dope beat and Linkan got a pretty unique style which i'm really digging. constantly getting better too