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Friday, February 4, 2011

New heat from AG

AG stays being one of the most underrated rappers in the game, i've said it plenty times that you'd have a hard time finding an MC with more heart than Andre. His four albums with Show are obviously amongst the finest hip-hop you'll ever hear and both 'The Dirty Version' and 'Get Dirty Radio' was solid albums in their own right. His only misstep was last years 'Everything's Berri', a collaboration with Ray West that didn't really bang the way one could expect (though it had some fine moments).

Now he's gearing up for another album, 'Berri TV', and i'm not sure if it's gonna be fully produced by Mike The Martyr but he has laced a few gems for AG lately including this single that just dropped. The single is called "I'm A Beast" and below you can download the song as well as watch the new video. Ill shit.


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