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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free Kool G Rap EP

 Yessir, the legendary rhyme vet is back in business! While gearing up for the release of his forthcoming long player "Riches, Royalty & Respect" (which will include the dope single "Sad") sometime in 2011, G Rap decided to hit his followers with an "Offer you can't refuse". Eight brand new tracks, with beats supplied by long-time associate Domingo and The Alchemist amongst others and the sole guest apperance coming from Mobb Deep's own Havoc (luckily we're saved from the embarassment of another Rick Ross collaboration). Sounds good to me, i'll spin this in a minute and i'll suggest you do the same and drop a comment while you're at it.

01. "The Fix" [prod. by DJ Pain]
02. "Mugshots" [prod. by Pokerbeats]
03. "America's Nightmare" (Ft. Havoc) [prod. by Alchemist]
04. "Take 'Em Back (Supafly)" [prod. by Blastah Beats]
05. "Baggin' in Da Spot" [prod. by Leaf Dog]
06. "Scarface Snow"
07. "Offer You Can't Refuse" [prod. by Domingo]
08. "Money Talks"



  1. listening to it now and shit sounds solid as hell, it's amazing how G Rap's been in the game dropping quality verses since '87 and still hasn't lost a step. some of his recent material has suffered from sub-par beats but judging from "Sad" and the many snippets heard on this tape (about half of them are snippets which must mean they will appear on "Riches, Royalty & Respect"; these are also the best tracks imo) G Rap is about to drop the bomb he's capable of where most recent releases of his have failed.

  2. I'm a long time G Rap, however, I was not feeling this EP at all, and I sincerely hope that his next album, his first in years, does NOT in any way sound like this EP.

  3. some of the beat choicers were not the best but G Rap's rhyming is still murder. the album will most likely feature a lot better songs than those found here (i love the Alchemist produced one tho), and the single "SAD" is nice.

  4. Absolutely. G Rap's rhyming is still on point. It is that production that I have slight issues with.