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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Premier breaks down 38 classic productions is a pretty hit-and-miss site when it comes to these things but once in a while they drop a real bomb on us. Such is the case with this lengthy DJ Premier interview just posted over there, The amazing and legendary producer breaks down no less than 38 of his classic recordings for us. Definitely not one to miss, who doesn't want to hear Preem speak his mind on sessions that led to tracks like "New York State Of Mind"; Kane's "Show & Prove", "Jazz Thing", "Crooklyn Dodgers '95", "MC's Act Like They Don't Know", how DJ Premier landed the remix of that "Classic" joint with KRS-One,, Nas, Rakim and 'Ye? Props for days to Complex for this one and my hat off to Premier himself for caring enough to do stuff like this for his longtime fans and at the same time gaining further promotion!

A very interesting part from the article was that GURU and Preem fought to get "DWYCK" on 'Daily Operation' in 1992, in fact on the actual CD (not back cover or inserts) the song is actually listed as track #10; right after "2 Deep" (here's a pic of the actual CD with the intended tracklist). I always loved stuff like that, making little changes to albums that the artist intended but for sample clearance reasons or label problems it didn't happen but with the technique of today I can easily make those changes (although I of course have all the Gang Starr retail albums as well). Especially considering "Daily Operation" is my favorite Gang Starr album, tied with "Hard to Earn". Gang Starr Forever man and rest in peace to Keith Elam a//k/a The Guru, you meant a lot to me and still do. One Love.


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