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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Havoc & Rosenberg welcomes "P" back home

 I think we're all excited that Mobb Deep's H.N.I.C., Mr. Prodigy, is finally done with his bid and will be released from prison on March 7. Hopefully he will hook right back up with Havoc and produce some heatrocks for immediate release, I can't wait to hear some new Mobb stuff. While incarcerated I can imagine P has most likely spilled his guts writing verse after verse, he probably have alot of shit to get off his chest considering all the letters exposing guys he was writing from the pen. Matter of fact, he even wrote a biography in there, "My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep's Prodigy", which you can pre-order now through For anyone doubting that P still got it they obviously didn't hear the track he recorded over the prison phone that was released last year, where he straight up molests a murderous Sid Roams beat for over six minutes. The sound quality of the vocals wasn't all that but obviously but that wasn't needed to know that he's on fire and ready for war. That hot joint is included on the tape posted below for anyone that might've missed it when it first dropped. By the way you can expect a lot of Mobb Deep and Prodigy compilations and shit the week of his homecoming, starting on March 8 i'll bring out a collection of rare Mobb goodies for y'all.

Peter Rosenberg and Havoc has cooked up a little mixtape in anticipation of the man coming home, featuring some rarities, some classics and some freestyles by Prodigy and Mobb Deep. The tape is mixed by Rosenberg and hosted by Havoc and is available now for free download. "Prodigy comes home on March 7th and I thought it would be dope to welcome him home properly. He is one of the greats and I can’t wait to see what this chapter holds for him. So I linked up with Havoc and put together this mix to celebrate his return! This is not all of his appearances obviously, but it is many of my favorites–including some rarities!" is what Pete has to say on the subject. Enough talk, bring on the music! Mobb for life! 

01. Drink Away the Pain - Mobb Deep
02. Give Up the Goods – Mobb Deep
03. Crime Connection – Mobb Deep *Unreleased*
04. Eyes May Shine (RMX) – Xzibit feat. Mobb Deep
05. Hell on Earth – Mobb Deep
06. It’s Mine – Mobb Deep feat. Nas
07. I Shot Ya (RMX) – LL Cool J
08. Extortion – Mobb Deep
09. Legal Money – Shaq feat. Mobb Deep
10. Recognize & Realize – Big Noyd feat. Mobb Deep
11. Right Back at You – Mobb Deep
12. Eye for an Eye – Mobb Deep
13. It’s the Pee ‘97 – PMD feat. Prodigy
14. Tres Leches – Big Pun
15. Gun Love – Prodigy *Unreleased*
16. Rare Species – Mobb Deep
17. Microphone Masters (RMX) – Das Efx feat. Mobb Deep
18. Drop a Gem On Em – Mobb Deep
19. Quiet Storm (Original Demo Mix) – Prodigy *Unreleased*
20. G.O.D. Part III – Mobb Deep
21. G.O.D. Part III (Night Time After Hours Mix) – Mobb Deep
22. Still Shinin – Mobb Deep
23. Bloodshed & War – Da Youngstas feat. Mobb Deep
24. Temperature’s Rising (Original Mix) – Mobb Deep
25. Burn – Mobb Deep
26. Keep It Thoro – Prodigy
27. H.N.I.C. – Prodigy
28. Clap Those Thangs – Mobb Deep
29. Stuck on You – Prodigy
30. Mac 10 Handle – Prodigy
31. Tha Game – Pete Rock feat. Prodigy
32. Return of the Mac – Prodigy
33. When I See You – Prodigy
34. Veteran’s Memorial Pt. 2 – Prodigy
35. Phone Tap – Prodigy


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