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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MED - "Bang Your Head 3" (2010 Mixtape)

This dope mixtape by Stones Throw's own MED (or Medaphor) was released back in October 2010 but as the saying goes, better late than never, right? I totally missed out on this one when it first dropped but through a recommendation from my homeboy Linkan so props for this one. Just check out the tracklist and if that doesn't make you want to hit the download link then you should hit your head repeatedly with a hammer, knocking some goddamn sense in to that sorry excuse for a brain. The only downside is that it comes packed as one single mp3-file featuring all the songs, if anyone has a link with the tracks seperated feel free to throw it up via the comments section.

01. "Intro" [prod. by J. Rocc]
02. "Advice" (Ft. LMD) [prod. by Madlib]
03. "Misunderstood" [prod. by Madlib]
04. "Candlelight" (Ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow) [prod. by G.A. Muldrow]
05. "50.000 Wattz" [prod. by Soul Professa]
06. "Salute" (Ft. Wildchild & Baby Boogalu) [prod. by J. Rocc]
07. "Fall Back" (Ft. Fred & Poke) [prod. by Fred]
08. "R.E.M." (Ft. Epsilon Project) [prod. by Oddisee]
09. "West is Back" [prod. by DJ Khalil]
10. "Saga Continues" [prod. by DJ Babu]
11. "O.U.T." [prod. by Matt]
12. "Listen" (Ft. Descry) [prod. Descry]
13. "Outro" (Ft. Daru Jones on live drums) [prod. by J. Rocc]


Link via VTech


  1. Peace claaa,

    I've got this as separate tracks, I'll hook up a link for you.

    There's also a part 2 to this mix, I'll up that and tracklist for part 2 aswell.



  2. peace man, that would be appreciated and i know you helped me out a lot before and i guess i helped you out before so we got a good thing going here haha. hook it up when you got the time mate. peace