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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The lost tapes of OC's "Starchild" remix project

Back in 2005 D.I.T.C.'s finest, OC, hooked up with the Japanese record label Grit to release the album 'Starchild', the 13 track CD that was released was critically acclaimed. OC was in truly fine form rocking over solid beats from Locsmif, Vanguard and Sweden's own Soul Supreme and everything looked great but for some reason the album was only released in Japan and some parts of Europe, and at a limited pressing at that it quickly became somewhat of a rarity. I'm lucky to own a copy of the album and if you ever find one you should buy it immediatly. But around the same time OC and the Grit label announced the released version was a promo only and not the complete album. For the official release the album would have new tracks added and at one point the whole album was said to be remixed by Pete Rock (and be renamed 'Soulchild') and at another time it was supposed to be remixed by !llmind and Slopfunkdust for Beat Fanatic Productions. 

Sadly neither version got released as OC and Grit Records fell out with eachother but it's a subject that's been interesting to me for years resulting in alot of extended internet searching for information and whatever leaked tracks. A while back the dope blog Rappers I Know posted a 7 track snippets mix with a duration of 11 minutes sent to the label by Slopfunkdust to showcase the direction he and !llmind's remixes were heading. Together with the other songs I collected previously we now have 20 minutes of music from this shelved OC project to enjoy, and as good as the original 'Starchild' was I think it's safe to say that this would have been even iller. Judge for yourself, I packed all the tracks into a .rar file for an easy download. And once again a big shoutout to Rappers I Know site for the promo track and props to Slopfunkdust, !llmind, Pete Rock and OC for  the great music.

01. STARCHILD (The Beat Fanatic Remixes Promo):
* "Intro" [prod. Slopfunkdust]
* "Who Run It" [prod. !llmind]
* "Acid" [prod. Slopfunkdust]
* "Mush" [prod. !llmind]
* "Underboss" [prod. Slopfunkdust]
* "Outro" [prod. !llmind]
02. "1nce Again" [Pete Rock Remix]
03. "Childhood" [Pete Rock Remix] (Snippet)
04. "Story to Tell" [!llmind Remix]



  1. Great one Claaa.

    Besides of this which is truly a great ep i searched the whole net for Slo-o - Devil on my back.

    Can you put this album on?

    There are 2 videos of that album which can be watched at youtube. It is great lyricism and message, not far of a Nas alike. I would appreciate much if it is possible.

  2. sorry man i never heard of Slo-O, but i tried searching for the album too and couldn't find anything but i will take your recommendation and watch the videos on youtube. thanks

  3. Peace! I have a copy of the starchild album as well. I agree that if you EVER run across a copy of the album you should cop, but you can really find it online...SMH