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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Prince Paul "Feak The Sorceress"

When discussing Prince Paul you can't ignore the countless albums he has produced and overseen from top-to-bottom, and a big bunch of them are true classics. Something that is often forgotten is that Paul was a "go-to producer" back in the entire '90s (and somewhat beyond) and as promised here's the first volume in a series highlighting those dope productions. This first installment focus on his outside work for artists like Chill Rob G, De La Soul, Queen Latfah, KRS-One, Candyman, 3rd Bass and MF DOOM, Cypress Hill, Gravediggaz, Jay-Z/Jaz-O, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick and many more. I choose to focus on his work from 1990-1994 but trust me when I say there will be at least another compilation in the same vein, highlighting his later productions from 1995 to 2000 next so there's something to look forward to for y'all. In the meantime just enjoy this bangers from Prince Paul delivered to you by the one and only 'The Lost Tapes and don't forget to TURN IT UP!!

01. 3rd Bass Ft, Zev Luva X - "The Gas Face" [Prince Paul Remix]
02. Big Daddy Kane - "It's Hard Being the Kane"
03. Boogie Down Productions - "Drug Dealer"
04. De La Soul Ft.Dres & Big Daddy Kane - "Who's Skating?"
05. Chill Rob G - "Let Me Show You" [Remix]
06. Boo Ya Tribe - "Psycho Funk" [Prince Paul Remix]
07. Candyman - "Return Of The Candyman"
08. Cypress Hill - "Latin Lingo" [Prince Paul Remix]
09. Gravediggaz - "Reincarnation Of Freud"
10. Gravediggaz - "Freak The Sorceress"
11. The Jaz Ft. Jay -Z - "It's That Simple"
12. Nikki D - "Freak Accident"
13. Queen Latifah Ft. De La Soul - "Moma Gave Birth to the Soul Children"
14. Fine Young Cannibals - "I'm Not Satisfied" [NY Rap Version]
15. De La Soul - "What Yo Life Can Truly Be" (Ft. A Tribe Called Quest & Dres)
16. 3rd Bass - "Derelicts of Dialect"
17. Groove B Chill - "Let it Roll"
18. Justin Warfield - "K Sera Sera"
19. Slick Rick - "Behind Bars"
20. De La Soul - "Lovely How I Let My Mind Flow" (Ft. Biz Markie)

Prince Paul - "Freak The Sorceress"

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