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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kamakazee - "Head On" [prod. by Pete Rock '95]

Before there were Screwball, the late, great KL was recording freestyles and underground 12":s with Marley Marl. My homie and long-time DJ Jaz (check his Tumblr/Soundcloud) was digging through his crates and made a pretty extraordinary find when putting on his copy of the unofficial "Snakes" 12" from '95 which is the only release to include "Head On" and "Bridge '95".

The "Head On" joint sounds not much at all like a Marl production, but extremely much of a Pete Rock classic around that time (for comparision peep the Champ MC remix from the same year).You got the up-tempo head nodding groove, the vintage horns, the Pete drums, the shout hook over the cuts, and so on. It might be co-produced by Marley, but I'm putting my money on this is a Pete Rock production. Mega thanks for Jaz for providing this gem, and not only that he linked the YouTube clip above but he also provied a HQ download below. Enjoy!



  1. No way this is Pete Rock ..... The Drum Programming is way to elementary for Pete .... This production is nothing like Pete .

  2. Sounds more like Marley just took Pete's drums from Champ MC's Keep It On The Real Remix. Remember around that point Pete was in his zone and Marley was starting to pattern a lot of his beats the way Pete used to do when he was coming up. The teacher started to copy the student lol. Just think Lords of The Underground's Tic Toc.