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Sunday, December 16, 2012

TRINITY prepares "20 In"

In news related to the collaboration in my previous post, the long-awaited TRINITY album has finally been given a release date and a tracklist/artwork to go along with it. For those not in the know, Trinity is the name for the group ventures of Sadat X, AG (who I finally saw live with OC just three nights ago), and DJ Jab. The 17-tracks long album is titled "20 In" and will be available to the public via Fat Beats on February 26. This will either be good or great so get your pre-order on. How crazy doesn't track #8 look?

01. "Up to the BX" (Ft. Eternia)
02. "Sunshine" (Ft. Janelle Collins)
03. "Rap Attack"
04. "20 In"
05. "Influence" (Ft. Janelle Collins)
06. "Family Love" (Ft. Milano Constatine)
07. "My Way" (Ft. Janelle Collins)
08. "Sometimes" (Ft. Roc Marciano, Reef The Lost Cauze, Grand Puba, Immortal Technique, Everlast, Slug, Eternia, Sha Stimuli, D-Stroy, Roxanne Shanté, Audible Doctor & ILL BILL)
09. "Interview"
10. "Corrupt" (Ft. Ill Bill & Immortal Technique)
11. "Then & Now" (Ft. D-Stroy)
12. "Bite This 2010" (Ft. Roxanne Shaté)
13. "Strange" (Ft. Janelle Collins)
14. "NY Bridges"
15. "Victory Outro"
16. "Outro"
17. "The Bronx"


  1. ya track 8 looks like posse track supreme!!!

  2. so, where's your concert review? don't leave us hanging bro!!

  3. haha peace NYHC81, i'ma do it quick for you..

    the concert was real great; the line-up was OC/AG, Pharoahe Monch with DJ Boogie Blind, and then Heavy Metal Kings with DJ Eclipse (Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz). the last act packed the most people but to me OC & AG had the best set, it was mainly OC's set with AG doing backing as well as performing a few Show & A classics. Originally it was supposed to be OC & Apollo Brown but it was changed to AG. I gotta tell you, the "Trophies" tracks sounded FANTASTIC live, the opening joint was "Walk On" and it PUMPED the crowd. "Times Up" was monumental too, i think that was the last track of their set.

    Pharoahe Monch was dope but not in his ace. I've seen him perform before and that was one of the best shows i've been to. the best part of his set was when he performed "Clap" from his latest LP, very powerful stuff and much crowd participation. AG was on the scene for this too.

    Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz performed together on stage, doing tracks from their album, their solos, Non Phixion cuts and Jedi Mind Tricks. best part was the Non Phixion pieces, "CIA is Trying to Kill Me", "Black Helicopters" and "Cult Leader"... Vinnie Paz dissed Kanye West on stage, calling him out for being a undercover gay rapper and saying he would slap the shit out of him if he ever said something to him or something like that.

    all in all, it was about 2.5 hours of pure, good ol' fun! if you get a chance to see the same show, catch it! Ill Bill said it was the funest tour he had ever been to.