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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yancey Boys Ft. Frank Nitt - "The Throwaway"

J Dilla was a true workaholic, and although we sadly will never get to hear a brand new JD beat again, all the times he spent in his home studio which resulted in hours and hours of previously unreleased beats. This has promted friends, and familiy to start the J Dilla Estate (run by Ma Dukes), and release original album with never before, officially released Jay Dee beats. One of the earliest was the other Yancey Brother's 2008 album "Yancey Boys". Since it was released on maybe Dilla's very first label contract, with Delicious Vinyl, the LP saw Illa J and guests like Guilty Simpson rhyme over never before heard  beats from the mid-'90s era (when he was putting in work on The Pharcyde's classic sophomore amongst other stuff), which gave the project a very different sound than the jokers releasing mixtapes over the "Donuts" tracks. The album was not perfect by any means, but it was far from wack.

Now the Yancey Brothers' return with a brand new single, featuring Frank Nitty, entitled "The Thowaway", a track that was announced a few weeks back as the starting shot for a host of releases from the Dilla vaults overseen by Ma Dukes; other releases will include a final release of Frank-N-Dank's "48 HRS" project. You can show your support by purchasing the song on iTunes, or check out the video up top, no strings attached. Stay tuned for more info on future releases. I can dig this!

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