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Sunday, March 2, 2014

AUDESSEY + A CAT CALLED FRITZ - "The Metronome Mixtape"

One of my most played records at the moment is the collaboration between Soundsci emcee Audessey and parisian beatmaker a Cat Called FRITZ entitled "Beats Per Minute". Audessey is one of those emcees with a message to rely and even when it's just battle rhymes he's got a way with words that commands you to listen to every syllable. a Cat Called FRITZ is pure hip-hop, but is coming from the jazz perspective of things, and to me there's nothing like a beat built around a nice jazz groove; funky rhodes piano, a groovy stand up bass, blasting horns and so forth. Already from the first single ("Frequencies"dropped back in September you could tell this was going to be something special and indeed it was. Expect to hear more from this dynamic recording duo in a near future at The Lost Tapes as an interview is currently being set up.

The always impressive people of Slice-Of-Spice released "B.P.M." in several formats, and now the imprint together with the artist have uploaded a free HQ mixtape for further listening pleasure. Entitled "The Metronome Mixtape", this 68 minutes mix features Fritz getting his wheels of steel on creating a fascinating mix of tracks from the LP, fresh remixes of Mass Influence and Soundsci joints and a couple of bangers from FRITZ Parisian crew + his own personal instrumentals. As Audessey himself puts it "an interesting collage of old, new, remixes, and the rest...". Be sure to join the duo's "Beats Per Minute" page @ Facebook and if you still haven't got the wax - head over to Slice-Of-Spice to do some shopping.

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