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Friday, March 21, 2014

DE LA SOUL x DILLA - "Vocabularily Spills"

The De La crew is going HARD this year, on March 26 next week they are releasning "Smell The Daisy (Da Inner Soul of Yancey)". A brand new mixtape with nothing but new De La verses over Dilla beats (judging from the two singles at least I despite the huge Jay Dee fanatic I am have never before heard). I always loved De La over Dilla and has been thinking about a compilation for the longest, but the fact is that there's only 9-10 tracks found on their various retail releases. So this is a real blessing, and if that wasn't enough, this will be followed up by an EP exclusively produced by DJ Premier and Pete Rock which will then make way for the Soul's seventh official album "You're Welcome". It's a DAISY age all over!

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