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Sunday, March 30, 2014

[Upcoming] 4TH DISCIPLE - "BEST OF 740"

It should come as no suprise to anyone who frequently visit this site that i hold the 4th Disciple in the highest regard as far as hip-hop producers go. He's been a vital part in some of the finest produced hip-hop albums of all time, even proving that he can create a front-to-back timeless piece of classic (see Killarmy's "Silent Weapons For Quiet") and unlike the vast majority of producers, no matter how dope, 4th without a doubt has a real sound that is none others than his own. The main reason that he is not mentioned as often as he should when it comes to discussions of the best living producers is his output, because even though he's behind some of the hottest record of modern times (Shabazz's "Death Be The Penalty", Killah Priest's "Tai Chi", Killarmy's "Wu-Renegades", Wu-Tang Clan's "Impossible", to name a few) the Steubenville, Ohio native has mostly laced emcees that are the true definition of underground, all the while removing himself further and further from his cohorts in the Wu-Tang Clan. The other important reason is that his catalouge is comparatively small, and this is not at all because he is lazy behind the boards but rather that he's sitting on tons of unreleased material. For example he produced a full album for a group he was involved in called The Orphanage that also featured Lord Superb and Shogun Assasson; he produced an incredibly sick album by fellow Ohio native One Man, and so on. 

Luckily for us real heads, 4th is getting tired of sitting on all this classic and has started up a series entitled "Unreleased Classics" with the mission of releasing much of this material. It will be very interesting to see what will come out of this, I'm especially interested in the Orphanage sessions, but first and foremost he's dropping the heavily expanded "Best of 740 Vol. 1+2", a 20 track collection of songs featuring some of the illest Ohio emcees you never heard, all over vintage 4th production. "Best Of 740" was originally recorded as a 9 track offering that's absolutely terrific in its execution, but the version that is now getting an official release features the same nine songs a long with eleven more never before heard joints including spitters such as Shogun Assosson, Raw Intellect, One Man, and many more. The LP will be released on May 13, 2014 and though the press release states that it will be a strictly digital release, I have heard rumours that a limited CD edition will also be pressed up. I would definitely throw up some $$ to have this collection of heavy hitting 4th Disciple bangers in the collection, so let's hope this is the case. Check out the official 13 minute snippet reel and be amazed at how fantastic it actually sounds and check out the full tracklist below. Stay tuned as the story develops, but as of now May 13 is the day to mark in your calendars. In the meantime be sure to check out the official 4th Disciple blog for news, mixtapes, and more.

Vol. 1
01. Shogun Assasson - "The Fall"
02. Big Tae, Black, & Bummy Juss - "CPC Theory"
03. Shogun Assasson & Beretta 9 - "Swordz"
04. Raw Intellect & Stanley - "Change Iz Comin'"
05. Agony - "Time Passes"
06. Verb & Shogun Assasson - "One Step"
07. Shogun Assasson - "Who's Eyez Can See"
08. W.G.E. - "Long Time"
09. One Man - "Heavy Berdenz"
10. Bonus Track

Vol. 2
11. Dre Storm - "Sound Storm"
12. Heeto - "Keep On"
13. Lil' Man - "Six-Stonez-War Zones"
14. Raw Intellect - "Poison 4 Profit"
15. Shogun Assasson - "Fuck U Part 2"
16. Lil' Man & Bugsy - "Roll On Yah"
17. Big Tae, Science & Chalant Stylez - "Hot On"
18. Raw Intellect - "Fabolous Felonz"
19. Shogun Assasson, One Man, Hex, Dre Storm & Verb - "Get The Message"
20. One Man - "Heavy Burdenz" [Remix]

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