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Friday, March 28, 2014

[Mixtape/Comp] TRUE MASTER - "Persian Legacy"

Wu-affiliate DYP The Goldenchild has put together a seriously slamming semi-official mixtape of True Master, an artist we got a whole lot of love for here' at The Lsot Tapes, for his IllLegit Recordz blog. While True Master's productions are often the case of focus for any True Master compilation and/or mixtape, DYP instead mixes and arranges a 13 track mixtape/compilation of True Master's rare but always powerfull vocal apperances. I must say I'm a bit suprised that True hasn't focused more on his rhyming skills; he was originally supposed to come out as a solo artist on Guru's Ill Kid Records where he had the terrific "Who The Truest" single, but once he got with the Wu a year or two later his main focus was strictly production. However throughout the years there's been several verses from the legendary man popping up here and there and almost every time I've been kind of blewn away how incredible dope he actually is. Just for a great example is my favorite song from True and KRS-One's collaborative LP "Meta-Physical" from a couple years back, "He's Us" The Master delivered a particular strong verse where he held his own without problem to one of my absolute favorite emcees of all time.

DYP has gathered all these joints from his '94 start to the afore-mentioend "Meta-Physical" (2011) and with the DJ's input it's a real ill lisen that I strongly recommend whether you heard all the cuts before or not. The only minor downside for me is that DYP choosed to only include True's verse from the rare freestyle by him and GURU on a Tony Touch mixtape, over a rare True beat - I had never heard that before, so be sure to check it out @ the embed YouTube clip above (thanks to AncientManOfMystery from Wu Corp for this one). Being that True is currently incarcerated on what might very well be trumped up charges, DYP couldn't get a hold of True right away but he's down with the project and DYP has pressed up CD:s that will be sent out to to True and hist team only so unfortunately there's no chance of actually copping it for us, but oh well. You can check out the artwork, CD and the the backcover here. Would be a dope addition to the collection considering how proffesional it looks but it's highly undoubtedly we'll ever a chance to by this in anyway or form. But at least it's up for free downlaod! Here's the tracklist, all songs produced by True unless saying otherswise - if you can't see the tracklist and the embedded plaeyer from DJBooth click here instead.

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  1. he got with Wu before his venture with ill kid records not a couple of years later..he produced Ol' Dirty Bastards 'brooklyn zoo' in early 95 and was down with them before then. great blog btw diggin the AK SKILLS post.peace