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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

[Exclusive Album] "THE UPRISING"

The time has finally come for you all to be able to hear "The UpRising", an exclusive compilation album presented by The Dice Academy and The Lost Tapes while being executive produced by M-Credible for M-Phatik Soundz. A whole lot of love, headnodding and hard work from everyone involved has been poured into this project and if you have reason to frequent this site I can guarantee you an adrenaline rushing experience of true school hip-hop of the highest quality. A huge thank you goes out to all the dope emcees, DJ:s, producers and everyone that supplied us with music or helped "The UpRising" come to life... and with that being said I'ma let the music speak for itself. TURN IT THE FUCK UP!!


  1. looking forward to hearing this. Thx to everyone involved!!

  2. peace fam,
    glad to hear you're looking forward to it.. please drop a comment on what you thought of the project once you had the time to listen in full.. we worked real hard on this and would love any feedback, positive as negative!

    peace, claaa7

  3. Could you hook up the production credits, by any chance? Thanks in advance

  4. the tracklist with all proper production credits is included if you download the tape from Audiomack! trust me, its worth it!

  5. just finished listening to this for the 1st time and all tracks are good. No filler shit here. Not sure which are my favorite tracks yet but its all quality material. Thx again!!!