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Friday, March 21, 2014

[Mixtape] HIEROGLYPHICS - "Post: 6 Year Anniversary"

The Oakland, CA legends Hieroglyphics has been steadily pumping out hot wax since 1992 between their main members Casual, Souls Of Mischief, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Domino and Pep Love. A true underground collective that stands out from the rest, being that they are not only amazing on the mic but also very ill producers and DJ.s in their own rights. From what I gather this slamming Hieroglyphics mixtape has been created in honor of San Fransisco's exclusive clothing line The Hundreds. The San Fransco offshot is celebrating their 100 year anniversary and what better way to celebrate than contacting the Mischief¨'s for a 75 minutes continues mix of a majority of their classic records, mixed in with some lesser known and even new cuts. All mixed by DJ ICEWATER, "Post" does a fantastic job at both inviting new fans at the same time that there¨s plenty of the vinage Hieroglyphics joints all over. Be sure to don't sleep on this, because you never know how long it's gonna be up for steam and grabs. You won't be dissapointed (click plau at tue cover at he top of this post!)

1. Eye Examination - Del
2. Burnt - Hieroglyphics
3. That's When Ya Lost - Souls Of Mischief
4. That's How It Is - Casual
5. Catch A Bad One - Del
6. Batting Practice - Souls Of Mischief
7. Now What - Opio (Extra Prolific)
8. Lose In The End - Casual
9. The Who - Hieroglyphics
10. Soweto - Hieroglyphics
11. Oakland Blackouts - Del & Opio
12. After Dark - Pep Love
13. Rap Game - Casual
14. Powers That Be - Hieroglyphics
15. Hip Hop My Friend - Pep Love
16. The Mayor - Pep Love & Tajai
17. Lighters - First Light ft. Hieroglyphics
18. Mistadobolina RMX - Del
19. Let It Roll - Hieroglyphics

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