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Friday, March 7, 2014

MAGNIF - "U Kno"

Magnif is the producer/emcee of the very underrated Detroit duo Lawless Element who's one and only debut "Soundvisions" in 2006 was a very overlooked release despite sporting guest production and cameos from the likes of Jay Dee, Madlib, Young RJ, and Phat Kat. Since then, the group seemed to dissapear entirely from the scene, and as a big fan of their debut album I'm happy to announce that it seems that Lawless Element is back in full effect (though they seem to have changed their name to Lawless Gang). Late last year we got the five track Magnif produced EP "Detroit Badboys". Now Magnif is coming through with a brand new single of dopeness entitled "U Know" which features the Lawless member both rhyming and producing. Check it out below and stay tuned for more news as this is the first single from an upcoming EP called "MagnifiAM" and even more excitingly a full-length debut album entirelty produced by genius producer Ayatollah.

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